Our Supported Charities

Through fund-raising, instigated within the church and involving our local community, we support selected charities, and also several others through providing people and premises for their activities.

Step By StepStep by Step 

Previously known as Emmaus Projects, Step by Step was founded in 1992 with the objective of empowering young homeless and those facing adversity across Surrey, Hampshire and the surrounding area. 

We offer free drop-in support and advice service for young people, together with a structured, progressive accommodation service including access to emergency shelter accommodation with support available 24/7 for those with a high level of needs. 
Single rooms and semi-independent flats are offered within our Foyer buildings together with supported community flats throughout the locality. 
We also offer one-to-one support, training to build skills and confidence towards independent living, an Education and Employment training programme, counselling services and a Family Mediation service aimed at reducing the number of young people who become homeless, by focusing on relationships and communication. 
Step by Step empowers homeless young people and those facing adversity to achieve their full potential through all of these services. 
More information can be found on their website: www.stepbystep.org.uk/.

Phyllis TuckwellThe Parish community enthusiastically supports the local Hospice and donations are always welcome. Fundraising activities in the Parish often contribute takings to the Hospice. 

A number of ladies enjoy helping at the popular Hospice shop in Downing Street, many also work in the Hospice furniture shop in Dogflud Way. Contact 01252 710679 for details. There is great scope for a variety of volunteer jobs in the Hospice itself.

Contact number for all enquiries is 01252 729446, so please make contact if you are able to help.  www.pth.org.uk/


Bourne Masindi LinkBourne Masindi Link 

The Masindi Centre for the Handicapped in Uganda was opened in the mid 1980s for boys and girls with physical and mental disabilities.  

Eseri Kaifi is the current Headmistress and she leads a dedicated team of 15 teachers and 22 support staff. There are currently about 100 pupils in total, and their disabilities are varied and include deafness and autism as well as physical disability.

The emphasis is on the appropriate education and vocational training to enable the child to re-integrate into family and village life with skills such as knitting, sewing, agricultural, woodworking and computer operating. As each child leaves the centre he is given a resettlement pack to enable him to earn a living in such roles as tailoring, carpentry or leather work. While the Government pays the teachers’ salaries, the Centre relies heavily on donations for boarding costs, school running costs and educational and farming resources.  The Bourne Parish has been involved for many years in supporting the Centre; providing funding for Matron’s salary and to cover electricity costs, as well as regular visits to assist with specific projects and work with the teachers. For further information please contact the Parish Office. 


Christian AidChristian Aid 

works for the eradication of poverty and the creation of a world where everyone has equality, dignity and freedom. The Bourne parish supports Christian Aid every Lent with Midday Music, a programme of lunchtime recitals in St Thomas-on-the Bourne For further information on the charity, visit www.christianaid.org.uk.



 The Church Missionary Society (CMS)

was founded in 1799 in the middle of the Anti-Slavery Campaign and its founder members were part of the Clapham Sect, activist evangelical Christians.  Their aim was justice for all.  The CMS is now active in over 35 countries and is supported by the Bourne parish.  For more information on the charity visit www.cms-uk.org.


Wycliffe Bible TranslatorsWycliffe Bible Translators 

works with churches, organisations and individuals to provide access for people throughout the world to the Bible in their own language.  One of our parishioners, Catherine Crawford, is supported by the parish in her work with Wycliffe. Catherine has written some valuable insights about the challenges or her work. Click here to read her account. More information about the organisation from www.wycliffe.org.uk.



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