Children & Young People

The Youth are the future of the Bourne Parish.  We believe in them and want to see them fulfil their true potential, explore life, ask relevant questions and put their God given gifts to good use.  We have an active Junior Church and excellent choir for both boys and girls.  Do take a look at the relevant pages.

Our Children and Youth Minister   

I would like to introduce myself as the new Children's and Youth Minister for The Bourne Parish. I will be starting the role part-time in September 2021, whilst I work out the notice for my teaching post, I will then be full-time from January 2022. I am looking forward to getting to know you all better over the coming months. 

My background is teaching and before that I worked in Public Relations. I have a degree in English and Linguistics and a PGCE in Secondary Religious Studies. My son Freddie started as a chorister at St Thomas-on-The Bourne six years ago and I have been attending the church since then.  
I feel that God is calling me to this position and am very excited about getting started. There will be different activities on offer, for two age groups, at Junior Church from September and the family service at St Thomas will resume, monthly, from October. Other family initiatives and services will also be starting. I intend to work closely with the choir to help nurture friendships through social activities and also to support choristers discover more about their faith. From January and beyond we are also hoping to expand our youth initiative to offer other exciting activities for different age groups and families, so watch this space! 

If any of you are interested in joining the Junior Church helpers then please let me know. There is already an experienced team but new members would be extremely welcome. Sessions will be organised and planned, you would just need to be present; helping the children learn more about God. If you are interested please email  

All children ages 2-11 are welcome. 

Blessings, Clare.




Registered Charity No 1127825