Get Involved

Why we need you to get involved

Every parish church is governed by its Parochial Church Council (PCC), which has the responsibility for ‘co-operating with the Vicar in promoting the mission of the Church in the parish’. Our PCC fulfils this through the work of seven working groups, detailed below. Each group consists of members of the PCC as well as members of the congregations with relevant skills or interests.

This year we are refreshing our working groups by asking every member of the congregations (particularly those who have not served in this way before) to pray about whether they might have something to contribute to a working group. Times of meetings are flexible and can be arranged to suit the members once the group has been constituted. You give as much or as little time as you decide fits with your family/work commitments.

Below you will find a brief summary of their remit written by each group. If you feel you can help in some way, please use this form to let us know.

Thank you for getting involved!

Working Groups

Buildings and Grounds

Join us and play your part in the upkeep of our lovely buildings and surrounding grounds. We meet regularly, but this is also a practical group. So come and help with maintaining our churches as welcoming places for worship and social events.

Children and Youth Outreach

This group encourages, supports and interacts with the work of Becky as our Youth Coordinator. It oversees Christian education and the nurture of children and young people. It also initiates and oversees child and youth activities that connect the churches with the wider community. People with a passion for connecting with young people and encouraging volunteers are very welcome.


We are a lively group making a valued contribution to the life of the parish, and hope to welcome new members to play their part in the important work of supporting and developing the Parish's formal communication channels. The group seeks to raise a positive profile for the Parish and harness ideas for effective communication, particularly in reaching out to the wider community. Its most prominent aspects are the production of the monthly online newsletter and the magazine. The group is also responsible for the parish website and other communications channels, as well as liaising with local media.

Finance, Stewardship and Administration

The team supports the parish vision by focusing on the parish's financial position: overseeing the parish's banking and investment activities; ensuring that management and statutory accounts are prepared; encouraging new givers; administering Gift Aid tax refunds; administering our insurance arrangements; and taking a lead on issues or projects with a financial element.

Pastoral and Social Outreach

The role of this group is to encourage a welcoming attitude to new church members and provide opportunities for developing relationships within the church community. The group helps to co-ordinate, support and publicise appropriate events and celebrations that draw church members together, and also develops initiatives that involve the wider community.

Worship and Spiritual Development

As well as planning and reviewing services across the parish, we are keen to further spiritual growth within our church. Prayer initiatives, workshops, opportunities for study, have all been part of our remit.  If you have ideas about worship, and a desire to see an increase in the spiritual strength of our community, this might be the group for you.