The Choirs

We offer wonderful opportunities for everyone - Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and also Ladies, to sing in one of the St Thomas' Choirs.  Watch our video to get a flavour of what it would be like to join the choirs.

The History of the Choir gives a good background to the singing traditions at St Thomas'. The Photo Gallery has lots of pictures to give a flavour of the many choir activities enjoyed today.

If you are interested in joining any of the choirs please contact the Director of Music, Robert Lewis, for further information.  

The Gentlemen's Choir

Choir Gentlemen at St Thomas-on-The Bourne are countertenors and basses who sing the alto, tenor and bass parts with either the boys or girls, and also sing services on their own.  There are currently twelve Choir Gentlemen spread over the voice parts.  The Choir Gentlemen rehearse on a Friday evening between 7.30pm and 8.45pm and for three quarters of an hour directly before services.

The Choir Gentlemen are accomplished local singers, many of whom are former or current chorister parents and even ex-choristers themselves.  Boy choristers, when their voices change, often join the Choir Gentlemen.

The Boys' Choir

St Thomas-on-The Bourne Parish Choir of Boys and Gentlemen has existed continually since the 1860s.  It has a long tradition of excellence and continues to provice music in worship in the way it has done for some one hundred and fifty years.  

The Parish Choir sings one service each week, either the 10.00 am Sung Eucharist or 6.00pm Choral Evensong and have one Sunday off per month.  St Thomas-on-The Bourne is the only parish church in the Diocese of Guildford to maintain a traditional choir of Boys and Men.
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The Girls' Choir

The Girls' Choir at St Thomas-on-The Bourne was founded in 2004 to run in parallel with the Boys, to give them the same opportunities as boys and enable them to take part in the worship at St Thomas'.  The girl choristers sing both on their own and with the Choir Gentlemen.

St Thomas-on-The Bourne is the only parish church in the Diocese of Guildford to maintain a choir specifically for girls.   

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The Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir consists of the Choir Gentlemen together with sopranos (and lady altos) from within the church and further afield.  They normally rehearse for in the week before an event with the Gentlemen on a Friday night after the choristers have left, and sing several services each term at times when the choristers are on holiday or are not available. These include regular services such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Christmas Eve Midnight Eucharist, as well as other services such as Ascension Day and other occasional services.  We are always pleased to meet potential new members, sopranos or altos, or indeed tenors and basses who can't make the regular commitment that the Choir Gentlemen are expected to make.  Choral singing experience is essential, particularly good sight-reading skills, and some experience singing the English Cathedral repertoire is desirable, due to the difficulty of the music and our high standards.