News from Brambleton

Update on renovation of the toilets at Brambleton Hall.

The renovation of the toilets at Brambleton Hall took place over the Easter holidays.  The work was done without any cancellation of the nursery or boxing club term time activities – so no loss of income.

£28.5K was available in the Brambleton Renovation Fund.  The projected cost to completion of the toilet renovation is £26.5K, giving a balance remaining of over £2K for the next phase of renovation.

The renovated toilets include:

  1. A disabled toilet with WC, wash basin, sensor tap, hot air dryer
  2. Three standard toilets
  3. Hand washing trough in corridor with 3 sensor taps and 2 hot air hand dryers
  4. Hot water from two new electric heaters set to a controlled, child friendly temperature
  5. Ventilation in all toilets and corridor
  6. Solid oak doors on all toilets with quality hinges and door furniture
  7. Central heating radiators in corridor and disabled toilet area
  8. Largest toilet cubicle has a cleaner cupboard and cleaner sink (to be installed later)
  9. All new waste pipes and drain access
  10. Suspended ceiling with sensor operated lights in all toilet areas and lobby area
  11. Baby changing table in disabled toilet area (to be installed when decorating is complete)
  12. new non-slip, high use floor covering in toilet area and entrance lobby

As of 23rd May there is some minor work to be completed including the fitting of the remaining architraves, door locks and the plumbing in of the cleaners sink. The flooring must be put in but before that the toilets are to be decorated.  All work is expected to be complete by the end of June.


Brambleton Renovation – update 14th November 2017


This update provides a statement on the work completed, the work underway, and the work being planned in the renovation of Brambleton Hall.

Work completed

  1. All the roof areas at Brambleton Hall has been replaced.
  2. Artificial grass has been put down in the main play area used by the nursery and youth clubs
  3. Heating system has been serviced, flue re-routed, radiators flushed out, the system rebalanced and some preparatory work in kitchen completed

Work underway

  1. Remainder of play area to be paved
  2. Windows have been repaired and painting of all low-level windows in progressing
  3. Car park has been cleaned up and the majority of holes filled
  4. Kitchen renovation
    • Kitchen units have been donated by B&Q
    • Kitchen to be installed over Christmas break
  5. Emergency Exit doors are to be replaced

Work planned

  1. New Toilets
    • Plan is agreed for 1 disabled toilet and 3 unisex toilets in existing toilet area
    • Target installation is the Easter break 2018
    • Grant applications are being made
  2. New entry doors and hall entry doors
  3. Renovation of Vestry
  4. Construction of new extension to house the boxing club
    • Application for funding is with Sport England.
  5. New play area for nursery
    • The plan is to locate the new play area on part of Brambleton Park (the ex-landfill site)
    • Further discussions with Waverley Council are to be arranged to secure the required land

Report on work done at Brambleton Hall September 2017

Over the past two weeks the Community Rehabilitation group, Tony Williams and Keith Newman have worked to lay artificial grass on the play area at Brambleton Hall.  This will provide an all weather play area for the children at the Lollipop Nursery.  The materials were paid for by the parish with approval at the last PCC meeting.  The nursery team, led by Belinda Mcginn, are very pleased with the result.


A view of the grass when finished

        Barmbleton Hall 2

A view of the area in use