Stewardship Sunday 2022

Stewardship - February 20th 2022

Stewardship Sunday is our annual opportunity to re-imagine our giving as part of the rhythm of our shared walk with God. While many of us might have found the teaching in church last Sunday challenging, it may motivate us to rethink our own financial priorities in light of God’s kingdom.  If you missed John’s sermon last Sunday, CLICK HERE to read it.

Simply put, our 2022 financial needs in order of priority are to:

  1. Increase our planned giving as a church by a minimum of £7,500 to cover the shortfall in our day-to-day expenditure for 2022.  Click here for the PCC approved General Fund budget.
  2. Raise £7,500 to repair the east wall at St Thomas and replace the electric consumer unit at Brambleton.
  3. Increase our reserves which have been depleted over the last several years to the targetted level by adding £8,000 this year.

Currently our budgeted regular giving is £157,000. A 15% increase (£23,000) would address the three issues above. Click here for more information on planned giving.

Thank you for your attention.  The budget affects us all, not just the financially minded.

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