The Otter Wey


Blooming Art is running a project joining up communities by the production of an art trail. An art trail is made up of large models which are decorated and then put on display around the town. Blooming Art has chosen the model of an Otter for the Farnham trail. Why an otter? Well, the River Wey is an important spine for Farnham, forming a wild life corridor through the centre of the town as well and the linking the important green spaces of Bishop’s Meadow, Gostrey Meadows and Borrelli Walk. There is another aspect to the art trail which is also important. All the models that form the art trail will be put up for auction once the exhibition period is over. The proceeds of this auction will be donated to the two charities being supported by this year’s Town Mayor, Mike Hodge, which are The Woodlarks Centre and The Brightwells Gostrey Community Centre. 

Time Out & Buzz youth clubs are excited to be participating in The Otter Wey on behalf of The Bourne Parish.

Visit for more information and check back here to see the progress of our otters!


Time Out - Super Otter

Time Out Otter - Session One

Today local artist Jo Aylwin ( came to help Time Out begin exploring what working on their otter might look like. After exploring words that the young people associated with 'Otter', 'Time Out', 'Farnham', 'River Wey' and 'Bourne', the paints came out and the group began to get creative. Firstly by painting over their words, then by painting around the words, before finally ripping up those pieces of paper and then using them to print onto a larger sheet of paper creating a whole new work of art. 



Time Out Otter - Session Two

The arrival of 'Owen' The Otter. Mike Hodge (Mayor of Farnham) visited Time Out to deliver our otter. There was much excitement at the otters arrival. Design work begins in earnest next week. We were also grateful to receive a kind donation of paint brushes and acrylic paint from Pullingers Art Supplies to support the decoration of our otter. 




Time Out Otter - Session Three

Today we explored potential themes, colour schemes and the young peoples interests. Superhero seemed to come out as the most voted for theme. Colour scheme is still under review. 

A few sneak peaks of todays designs....


Time Out Otter - Session Four - Super Otter!

Decisions are being made with the help of artist Jo Aylwin -

Theme: Superhero   |   Colour Scheme: Blue & Yellow   |   Name: Super Otter 

Logo design in progress ... explosion .... diamond ... circle ...



Time Out Otter - Session Five 

Painting begins ...



Time Out Otter - Session Six

And so it continues ....



Time Out Otter Complete





Buzz - Buzzie Otter

Buzz Otter - Session One

Buzz took on an otter at the last minute when another group had to pull out. 

This meant design and painting all happened very quickly. 

Some of the design ideas included a red t-shirt, a Captain America theme, rainbow stripes and lots of spots and dashes.



Then painting began ....



Buzz Otter - Session Two

Painting continued ....



Buzz Otter - Complete 








Completed Otters Together ....