Weekly News

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
18th to 25th January. Daily prayer meetings at various venues including St Thomas' at 10.30am on Saturday 20th. With CTF Annual United Service at St Andrew's 5.30pm Sunday 21st.
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Farnham Help for Refugees
Wednesday 24th January, 2-7pm at St Thomas'. There will be a collection for Farnham Help for Refugees.
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Eat and Speak Lunch
Thursday 2nd February at 12.30pm at St Thomas'. With Revd. John Morris speaking on "All at Sea: Some insights into my previous life as a Chaplain RN."
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Sermon at St Thomas'
Please click here to read or download the St Thomas' sermon from Sunday 31st December.
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News from Brambleton
News and updates of work planned and being done at Brambleton Hall from September 2017.
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Building Problem at St Thomas'
click here for a statement on the building problem at St Thomas' from Keith Newman, churchwarden
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PCC News
News from the PCC. Keep up to date with decisions made at PCC meetings. This page will be updated after each meeting.
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