Weekly News

United Benefice Service at Tilford
For more details about this service, please click above!
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Commemoration of the Departed
Please click here for information about the Service for the Commemoration of the Departed this year.
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Remembrance in the Bourne Parish
Please click here for full details of the Remembrance Day Services in the Bourne Parish.
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News from Brambleton
The Community Rehabilitation group have laid artificial grass at Brambleton Hall.  This will provide an all weather play area for children.  The materials were paid for by the parish.  The nursery team are very pleased with the result.
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Building Problem at St Thomas'
click here for a statement on the building problem at St Thomas' from Keith Newman, churchwarden
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PCC News
News from the PCC. Keep up to date with decisions made at PCC meetings. This page will be updated after each meeting.
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Sermon by Chris Herbert
Please click here to read or download Bishop Chris Herbert's Trinity 7 sermon!
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